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Quality therapy in your natural environment to fit your busy life and schedule. We are a boutique speech therapy service serving your needs. Let us make a one hour session just that. No more rushing to get the kids in the car, dealing with traffic or having to be in three places at once. A busy life never again needs to get in the way of successful therapy. We provide services at home, in school or virtually!

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Expressive & Receptive Language

Our ability to produce or understand language is fundamental to our ability to effectively communicate. Some children have difficulty understanding language, yet can produce it perfectly. Some children struggle to get their message across, despite understanding language and knowing what they want to say. Some children struggle with both aspects of language. These language challenges can lead to frustration, withdrawal, difficulty making friends, difficulty expressing their wants and needs, challenges with academics and much more. Our therapy approach identifies each child's individual needs in a client-centered, fun and interactive setting. 


Articulation/Speech Sounds

Does your child have difficulty producing certain speech sounds, have a difficult time being understood or get easily frustrated when their message is not successfully received? Our individualized treatment approaches target the underlying cause of their difficulties (e.g. motor difficulties, developmental, sensory or structural) in order to correctly target and fix their speech sound production. Our therapy is FUN, INTERACTIVE and CLIENT-CENTERED. We target speech through play-based games and natural modeling rather than monotonous drill work, to keep our client's engaged.


Natural Language Modeling

Does your child communicate using delayed echolalia or "scripts" from their favorite TV Show, movie, or learned expressions? Do they provide phrases that are related but can't be taken literally such as "Let's get out of here!" when attempting to let you know that they're ready to leave? Did you know that this type of language is not disordered but rather an alternative way of learning language called Natural Language Acquistion (NLA). It is suspected that 75% of Autistic individuals are NLA language learners. Let our therapy approach help your child learn language in a way that makes sense for them. We do not discourage "scripts" but rather help a child learn how to turn these into self-generated language in order to successfully communicate.


Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Communication is a fundamental human right that is not limited to verbal speaking. Communication takes many forms and is very individual. AAC, or augmentative and alternative communication may be used for a person's entire life or may be used temporarily to help close the gap  in their communication. AAC needs to fit into YOUR life and communication style in order for it to be effective. Let us assess the need for and provide support in the use of AAC while always keeping your individual needs at the forefront of our treatment.


Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)

While stuttering is often first noticed between ages two and four, it can begin at various times throughout childhood. Evidence shows initiating services before age six yields the best results. Let us help your child speak freely, without fear and with confidence through our stuttering treatment program. We will address all of the factors impacting your child's communication through our person-centered approach to fluency. We will provide parent coaching to model fluent language. With a combination of evidence-based and personalized approaches, we address the whole child through supportive and individualized treatment.


You deserve to be heard and we are here to help you claim your true voice. We support all members of the LGBTQ+ community through our individualized and culturally competent program.  Voice therapy goes far beyond evidence-based skills and we address the whole person through a supportive and safe space to explore your identity and expression. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin and we are here to support you every step of the way in feeling confident and finding your true self. 


Neurodiversity Affirming Social Skills (Self-Advocacy)

Some Neurodiverse individuals have difficulty participating fully in social settings. In the past, traditional "social skills therapy" has attempted to mask or hide Autistic or Neurodiverse characteristics, causing individual's anxiety, depression or issues surrounding identify or self-worth. That's where we're different! Our treatment approach focuses on self-advocacy that is not geared toward making an Autistic person hide their Autism,  but rather helping individuals solve difficult social situations without  sacrificing their own needs, boundaries or goals.  We give insight into autistic and non-autistic communication differences as well as teach skills needed to effectively express one's own perspectives.

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Get to Know Kate!

Kate Brownstein, M.S., CCC-SLP founded A Care Above Therapy services in 2022 in order to make quality, virtual speech therapy services available to everyone. Kate has been a licensed Speech Language Pathologist for a decade, holding an ASHA certificate of clinical competence since 2013. Kate has worked in Washington, DC public charter schools, serving middle schoolers as well as Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland serving students in elementary and high-school with a variety of speech-language needs, including those in the general education setting as well as Learning for Independence programs. She has also worked with the American Military community abroad, supporting early intervention clients, many of whom were Autistic. Further, Kate has worked both virtually and in-person with clients in private practice. Kate has worked with several members of the LGBTQIA+ community on gender affirming voice therapy in order to help them find their true voice. 

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We at A Care Above believe that like no two people are alike and that communication looks different for every individual. We strive to help clients have the opportunity to truly discover their own unique communication style. Our services are client-centered and client-lead. We embrace neurodiversity, the LGBTQIA+ community and everyone's individuality.

We follow your lead and provide insights and expertise along the way!

More About Our Services

A Care Above Therapy services currently does not accept insurance but can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. 


We cater your therapy plan to your individual needs. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss pricing options!

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