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Quality ONLINE care to fit yours and your child's busy life and schedule. We are a boutique speech therapy service serving your needs. You already have all the tools. Let us help guide you further in your child's development. We meet you and your child where you are through play-based, family-centered and child-lead natural interactions. Think of us as your virtual-guru for all things communication and beyond.

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Parent Coaching for Early Intervention

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Consultation Services

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Parent Coaching for Early Intervention

​You already have all the tools. Let us help guide you further in your child's development and support their speech and language needs AT HOME. Our client-centered, play-based approach uses your home as the therapy tools. No need to purchase any expensive toys, books or programs. We help you provide a language rich environment to support your child's needs with things you already have available. We will provide specific strategies, models and feedback during motivating and natural activities such as cooking, drawing, dancing, reading or cleaning. With a little guidance from us, you will learn how to support your child's specific speech and language needs. We are then available to you throughout the week to check on progress and see how the strategies are working.


Consultation Services

Not in our service area? Looking for support and guidance as to what services your child may need either privately or in the school setting? Have general questions regarding your child's needs? Want a second opinion on recommendations given in your service area? Let us provide a comprehensive, in-depth and individualized consultation where we can help you help support your child. We can provide recommendations regarding what type of services your child may need, what assessments or specialists you can be seeking out to support your child either privately or in the school system as well as activities or adjustments in the home that will further support your child's speech and language development. You're not in this alone. Let's navigate the specific needs of your child TOGETHER!

Get to Know Kate!

Kate Brownstein, M.S., CCC-SLP founded A Care Above Therapy services in 2022 in order to make quality, virtual speech therapy services available to everyone. Kate has been a licensed Speech Language Pathologist for a decade, holding an ASHA certificate of clinical competence since 2013. Kate has worked in Washington, DC public charter schools, serving middle schoolers as well as Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland serving students in elementary and high-school with a variety of speech-language needs, including those in the general education setting as well as Learning for Independence programs. She has also worked with the American Military community abroad, supporting early intervention clients, many of whom were Autistic. In this work, Kate worked closely with family members, caregivers, teachers and specialists to insure the needs of the child were met in across all settings. 

We at A Care Above believe that like no two people are alike and that communication looks different for every individual.

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We strive to help clients have the opportunity to truly discover their own unique communication style. Our services are client-centered and client-lead. We embrace neurodiversity, the LGBTQIA+ community and everyone's individuality. We follow your lead and provide insights and expertise along the way!


More About Our Services

A Care Above Therapy services currently does not accept insurance but can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. 


We cater your therapy plan to your individual needs. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss pricing options!

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